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Top-Quality Countertop Selection in Salt Lake City, UT

Manor Residential Sales Group is proud to offer the best selection of countertops for Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding area homeowners. We offer countertops for kitchens and bathrooms designed for elegance to complement or stand out on any home renovation. Our selections include quartz, quartzite, granite, and laminate countertops. We offer non-vein match, vein-match and book match layouts. We build and install countertops that fit any budget and provide our customers with ideal aesthetics for their projects. Our team will happily guide you through our excellent selection and help you choose the perfect counters for your living space.

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Countertop Directional Layout Options

Whether you want a sleek, consistent look or prefer more adventurous aesthetics, we’ll provide a countertop layout option that suits your living space best. We offer a wide range of styles, from unformed and modern to organic and natural-looking. Our options will complete your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space within your home.

Choose From the Best Style Selection in the Area

Non-Vein Match
Vein Match
Book Match

Builder Series Quartz Countertop Selections

Receive your desired style and exceptional durability with our Builder Series Quartz countertops, which includes:

Niagara White Quartz

Offered in 2cm or 3cm. It provides a captivating aesthetic of Calcutta quartz at an affordable price.

Pure White Quartz

A perfect white quartz color available in 2 cm and 3 cm. It will give your space heightened elegance.

Simply White Quartz

This distinct white quartz is offered with tan and white particulates, giving it vivid character and dimension.

Simply Grey

Subtle yet bold grey quartz with small and clear particulates.

Simply Beige Quartz

This luxury countertop is imbued with brown undertones that provide softness and depth.

Give Your Living Space an Exceptional Surface

You use and depend on your countertops for many reasons daily. From preparing meals, hosting family and friends, and gathering with loved ones, you want counters that will support your life and look terrific doing so. Manor Residential Sales Group has decades of experience designing, building and installing the highest-quality home countertops. From developing your concept to putting the final touches on your installation, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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